SANIFLO Saniwall Review

Saniflo Saniwall Review

Bear with us while we start in an unusual way for our review of the Saniwall system – because we’re beginning with something of an art history lesson. In 1917, the French artist Marcel Duchamp produced what is probably his most famous work of art. It is entitled ‘Fountain’, and is simply a urinal with […]

Sanivite Review

Sanivite Review

The Sanivite system is a powerful, heavy duty, domestic grey water pump. It can be used to take water from kitchen sinks, washing machines, dishwashers, showers, bath tubs and bidets. The unit has four inlets which means it can be attached to four appliances and deal with the grey water from them all at once. […]

SANIFLO Sanislim Review

Saniflo Sanislim Review

The Sanislim macerator pump is ideal for use with slimline sanitary ware. The unit is only 145mm deep so it will fit neatly behind any bowl. It is easy to install: most homeowners can do it themselves by following the simple step by step instructions, which can be carried out by anybody with basic DIY […]

SANIFLO Toilet System

Saniflo Toilet System

We live in a time of monumental change and transition. The advent of Information Technology has transformed our lives and continues to do so. But the history of our civilisation is full of change, revolution and progress. Everyone who has ever lived has seen great movements and leaps forward. One such revolution was the advent […]

The Best Saniflo Toilet Cleaner

Saniflo Toilet Cleaner

What is the best Saniflo toilet cleaner? Every Saniflo macerator pump will give years of trouble-free use if you follow the instructions given, with the first two years being fully guaranteed by a manufacturer’s warranty. Those instructions include advice on regular cleaning and other maintenance, which may lead you to ask: ‘what is the best […]

What is a macerator?

Macerator Explained

As you browse the Saniflo range when researching your needs for your domestic or commercial application, you’ll immediately notice the word ‘macerator’. So, you may be wondering: what is a macerator? Simply put, a macerator is a device that breaks down material by softening, churning, and/or cutting it. Using the latest in macerator technology is […]

How does Saniflo work?

How Saniflo Works

It’s a fair question when considering a SANIFLO unit to install a new toilet, bathroom, or utility room: how does SANIFLO work? You’re wondering how exactly it makes possible what you were previously told was impossible. How can you add a toilet under the stairs or convert a box room into a laundry room without […]