Saniflo recommends that the pumps are serviced at least every year so that warranty is validated and maintained.

For commercial installations, we can arrange a Pump Commissioning Call to validate your warranty and that the installation is compliant with Saniflo requirements. Often at these visits, minor modifications which are recommended result in avoidance of major disruption and significant additional costs later on.

Drop us an email with your details and location and we will be back to you shortly.. We work with the most professional and most experienced services engineers in the country.

Pump Commissioning Service

  • This is made available soon after your plumber or the company you asked to install your Saniflo unit(s) has completed the job
  • The Engineer will visit the site and review the configuration to ensure compliance with SFA Saniflo guidelines and recommendations. They provide a report and walk the user or nominated individual through the proper operation and maintenance of the unit installed. (Non-compliance with guidelines may impact on the validity of your warranty.)
  • If they are on site soon after the installation, they will record, activate and manage the warranty period for you and act as the liaison between you and SFA Sanirish in the event of a warranty query being raised. They will manage the issue to resolution.
  • Volume Discounts from our list prices are available where multiple units have been purchased/installed at the same site or by the same organisation over several sites.

Pump Service Plan

  • This can be arranged with some of the engineers we recommend and we facilitate it for some larger clients and sites.
  • This is a service/planned maintenance plan which can vary from monthly to annual visits to service the machine(s) on site, depending on usage and/or needs.
  • This is charged on a per unit/per site reducing matrix, which is cost effective to the company/organisation.
  • Preventative maintenance is generally shown to reduce downtime and system failures.
  • Emergency callout rates will be billed for separately to the maintenance plan, but are normally reduced in volume when the plan is in place.
  • If there are pumps other than Saniflo ones on site, the plan can be extended to cover them at the same visit, making the plan even more cost effective than sole brand service management.
  • This plan does not cover emergency callouts but we will discount the cost if you have a plan in place.

If you are interested in either the Commisiioning Service or Maintenance Plans please contact us for further information.