Kinedo Shower Cubicles

Kinedo Shower Cubicles

A shower is not just about getting clean. It is also about pleasure, luxury and feeling good. That is why people sing in the shower. A nice hot shower at night or in the morning will always feel good. Kinedo shower cubicles are so well made that nothing will spoil or get in the way of you and your shower.

Kinedo offers a broad range of shower cubicles. Each has its own distincive set of features so that you will almost certainly find one that is suitable for you. There are eight different models available through Although they cater to different wants and needs they are all extremely well designed and built, and offer the highest degree of comfort and safety. Kinedo showers are so well made and easy to use, you won’t want to leave!

Kinedo KineMagic Serenity Img01

KineMagic Serenity

Designed especially for those who need care when showering. It includes a fold down seat, secure grab bars and anti-slip flooring. Like all Kinedo products it is of high quality and comes in many different sizes.

Kinedo Consort Img01

Kinedo Consort

Ideal for student accommodation. It is compact and takes up very little space. It is easy to install and extremely reliable due to its all plastic construction.

Kinedo KinePrime Contract Img01

KinePrime Contract

So easy to install that you don’t even need tools to do it. It includes a thermostatic shower valve, handset and hose. This accessible, adaptable unit is one of Kinedo’s most cleverly engineered.

Kinedo KinePrime Glass Img01

KinePrime Glass

Stylish and flexible, offering a choice of pivot or sliding doors. It also comes with a thermostatic shower unit. Glass side and back panels make for a stunning looking cubicle.

Kinedo Moonlight Img01

Kinedo Moonlight

Allows for a high degree of customization with fully adjustable glass shelves and an effect panel that can easily be drilled for any fixings. It will also accommodate either an electric or mechanical shower.

Kinedo Eden Img01

Kinedo Eden

Looks great and feels great but its most important feature is its space saving design. It delivers a clutter free zone that makes optimum use of the available shower space.

Kinedo Horizon Img01

Kinedo Horizon

Tough, functional but also has flair. It is available in ten different styles and sizes, making it one of Kinedo’s most popular cubicles.

Kinedo KineMagic Design Img01

KineMagic Design

Marries style and practicality. It is easy to install and boasts a low height shower tray and a cool touch thermostatic valve that provides extra safety, as well as a two-way shower diverter.

Kinedo offers a stellar range of shower, and because we deal directly with the manufacturer, our prices are up to 20% cheaper than those offered by other online sellers. Take a look at the Kinedo range of products on this site and you can tell instantly that they are beautiful and well made. Their quality jumps out at you. So choose a Kinedo shower cubicle and it will really give you something to sing about!

So choose a Kinedo shower cubicle and it will really give you something to sing about!