Saniflo recommends that the pumps are serviced at least every year so that warranty is validated and maintained.

We are the only appointed and authorised service agents in Ireland for the Saniflo and Kinedo range of products. If you have any warranty issues we will manage that for you with the distributor and manufacturer to arrive at the best outcome possible.

For servicing requirements, we offer a Standard Domestic Saniflo Service Plan, which covers an annual service call to the machine which will include opening, cleaning, examine the parts, seals and components.

The cost can be paid by easy instalments of just €12 per month, making a total of €144 per year.

Please note that the cost of any replacement parts that may be required is not covered by the Standard Service Plan. However, part failures within the warranty period will be followed up with the manufacturer on your behalf.

If a unit is getting heavier than normal use, then a twice-yearly servicing plan may be advised. There is a reduction in cost here, as monthly instalments are just €22 rather than €24 for twice the level of cover of our once a year service plan. This means that each service call now costs just €132 rather than €144.

For a plan to be put in place, the standing order must be running for at least three months. A first service call then needs to be paid for and the service documentation completed and set in motion. The service contract will commence from the date of the first standing order receipt.

You can download the document for our Standard Domestic Sanfilo Servicing Plans below, or simply contact us for further information.

Domestic Saniflo Servicing Plan