SANIFLO Sanislim Review

Saniflo Sanislim Review

The Sanislim macerator pump is ideal for use with slimline sanitary ware.

The unit is only 145mm deep so it will fit neatly behind any bowl. It is easy to install: most homeowners can do it themselves by following the simple step by step instructions, which can be carried out by anybody with basic DIY knowledge.

Some people say ‘small is beautiful’. This slim unit will certainly add to the elegance of traditional bathrooms. It is a perfect solution if you want neatness and to save space. If you don’t already have one, having an extra bathroom in the house is a luxury you might  like. The Sanislim will allow you to install a toilet in any available space, no matter how small small and unsuitable for traditional pipework.

The unit is also powerful. It can pump waste through small bore pipework, up to 4 metres vertically and 40 metres horizontally. This makes it ideal for domestic use. It also comes with two extra inlets for taking waste water from other sanitary fixtures such as a shower, wash basin or bidet.

Like all Saniflo macerators, it is very well built and extremely safe. It is tested with over 30,000 cycles. A compact, reliable solution for your macerator needs, you won’t find a better one for the price.


Toilet Macerator Pumps


625.00 incl. Vat