What is a macerator?

Macerator Explained

As you browse the Saniflo range when researching your needs for your domestic or commercial application, you’ll immediately notice the word ‘macerator’. So, you may be wondering: what is a macerator?

Simply put, a macerator is a device that breaks down material by softening, churning, and/or cutting it. Using the latest in macerator technology is the very principle upon which all Saniflo macerator pumps are built.

When installing a toilet, en suite bathroom, or utility room in an area not easily serviced by conventional plumbing, a macerator unit is the ideal choice in dealing with the waste and grey water produced.

In the context of a toilet, for example, the cutting blades of a Saniflo macerator unit spin at up to 3,600 rpm to churn solid waste and toilet paper into tiny pieces that flow easily as they are suspended in liquid. This waste water can then be pumped up to 15 feet (5 metres) vertically, 150 feet (50 metres) horizontally, or any combination of the two, to bring it to a soil stack for ordinary discharge into the sewage system.

In the case of a utility room for installation of a dishwasher or washing machine, a heavier duty macerator pump can deal with other solid matter, such as food waste or forgotten papers left in the pockets of clothes that were put in the laundry. Again, these will be pounded into tiny pieces, before being pumped efficiently away.

There are limits to what any macerator unit can tackle, but clear guidelines on proper use are included with every Saniflo macerator unit we deliver. And we’re so confident that your Saniflo unit will perform properly if you follow these guidelines, that a two-year manufacturer’s warranty comes as standard.

To begin to choose the correct Saniflo macerator pump for your needs, just visit our online shop.