Yes. Their biggest advantage is that no silicone or other sealant is required. This makes the job quicker and easier.
CristalPlus is a coating that is applied to the surface of the glass during manufacture. It helps prevent the build-up of limescale which in turn aids cleaning. It is particularly useful in hard water areas.
All Kinedo thermo models require a minimum of 1 bar pressure. Anything below this will result in sub-optimum performance and a shower booster pump may be required. Generally all models will function with combi boilers, although it is advisable to check with your boiler manufacturer first.
Yes. All Kinedo self-contained shower cubicles are covered by a 2 year guarantee against faulty manufacture or defective parts.
The best way to clean your Kinedo shower product is with warm soapy water and a cloth or sponge. No abrasive cleaners should be used.
Yes. Several of the models of self-contained cubicles from Kinedo are supplied with shower fittings so that you can fit either a mechanical shower valve or an electric shower. Just contact us for specific details, if necessary.
Not at all! Kinedo offers a 1000mm x 800mm shower cubicle designed specifically to fit against one wall, as we have also a cubicle designed to fit with a three-sided recess.
We have pivot, bifold, sliding and quadrant doors. See each product listing for the options available with each particular product.
The diameter of the waste fitting is 40mm. If you are unable to find any waste pipe of a suitable size then you will need an adaptor which will reduce down from 40mm to 1 ½ bsp. These are available from most plumbers merchants.

The main thing is to follow the installation instructions. They are very simple to follow as they are mainly pictorial. As far as the range of self contained cubicles is concerned, there are certain things that need to be heeded:

  • They are all designed to be installed onto and up to finished walls and floors.
  • Silicone should not be applied on any surface of the product as it is not required. Finishing strips are either provided or are available to cover any gap that might occur where the cubicle meets the wall.
  • At least 400mm should be allowed for above the cubicle in order for the support brackets to be fitted correctly.