Installing a Saniflo toilet under stairs

Saniflo Toilet Under Stairs

Installing a toilet under the stairs can bring benefits to your home in terms of both convenience and accessibility. It can add extra value to your home. However, doing so can be difficult if you are trying to rely on conventional plumbing methods – but installing a Saniflo toilet under stairs can solve any problems you meet.

The macerating and pumping technology of a Saniflo unit means you don’t need the easy access to an outflow pipe or soil stack that ordinary plumbing demands. Instead, the unit can be connected to ordinary internal piping as small as one inch (25 mm) diameter. This is because of how the Saniflo macerating unit churns the waste from the toilet into a liquid effluent that can easily be pumped through smaller pipes.

Distances required for pumping are not a problem either, due to Saniflo’s patented technology. Even the entry-level model in the Saniflo External Macerator Pumps range, the original Saniflo itself, can achieve pumping distances of up to 12 feet (4 metres) vertically and 150 feet (50 metres) horizontally. This is enough for any ordinary home, but if needed, extra pumping power is available in larger models.

If you wish to also install a wash hand basin and ensure that its grey water waste is also properly pumped away, consider the Sanitop. Or if space really is at a premium, you can choose the Sanicompact instead – it’s an all-in-one WC with built-in integrated macerator pump. Overall, no matter what you want to do, Saniflo has the solution for you.

Benefits of installing a Saniflo toilet under stairs

  • No need for extensive remodelling or laying new piping
  • Easily installed by a Saniflo-approved engineer
  • Compact in size – no excessive demands made on limited space
  • Added accessibility to toilet facilities for the elderly/infirm/etc.
  • Increased convenience for children/visitors/etc.
  • Guaranteed reliability – Two year manufacturer’s warranty

Other factors to consider when installing a Saniflo toilet under stairs

Your project won’t be all about the toilet itself. There are several other factors to consider, including:

  • Building materials for new walls. In the majority of cases, gypsum plasterboard will be most convenient and cost-effective. If you prefer the solidity of brick or concrete blocks, your builder will advise.
  • Unless your stairs is at an exterior wall, you won’t have the option of installing a window. Consider the lighting requirements of your new toilet space, and any wiring that may be required.
  • An exterior wall will allow you to install an ordinary vent, but in other situations, a different solution will be required.

A good tradesman will advise on all these and more when he assesses your own particular situation. But the best advice we can give is that Saniflo is the ideal choice for the macerator pump you will require for installing a toilet under stairs.

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